Table & 2 Chairs

You can sit on these while you have coffee with a friend.

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A Pen & Paper

I used to write with these but now I have an iPhone & iPad to blog with.

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my apartment

It's quite spartan and clean isn't it? That's a clue: these images are not mine.

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Before You Go Any Further...

I have some social media accounts, mostly NSFW blogs - so don't follow me if you're offended by anything. Also, don't follow me unless you're over 18. Yay!

99% of images are sourced from the Internet so © them not me. If you know of someone I haven't credited let me know so I can fix it (use the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the page.

WARNING: this blog contains a LOT of explicit sexual content, images, and discussion. Anyone under the age of 18 should NOT read this blog. Anyone married to me should NOT read this blog.


And one more thing...

The woman on the right (above) is not me. I am a man. So don't ask me to send you nudes, you wouldn't want them (I'm kinda overweight).